Thank you for Visiting PianoSpares. I have started this website to help people find old original as well new spares for all makes of pianos. So please email or telephone me on 01952-228979 with your requirements.

Over the years of collecting, restoring or refurbishing piano's as a hobby I have accumulated quite a lot of parts from many piano's that I have had to scrap due to them being beyond economical repair. As many people will know, once a wrestplank has split or cracked a replacement will run into thousands.


Please see my Ebay Feedback relating to pianos I have sold from my collection over the years:!&ftab=AllFeedback

As a collector and restorer I have to part with my work to make room for another project. I don't collect Steinways as I find they are overpriced for the name and this may upset a few people, but I choose my pianos for their engineering, tone and touch. It is a personal to the player and not a designer name thing! What suits one pianist may not suit another, so always try many pianos and don't look at the name!
My favourite pianos are early Bluthner's from the early 1900's, Steinweg's and the Broadwood barless!



I Only Sell Pianos from my collection when I purchase another one! Below is all I have sold from 2007.
If you like any of the pianos above, Please bid on the Ebay links. Next year I may only sell 1 or 2!

I have now made a movie of my Broadwood Barless Grand playing a nice slow piece of music below.
I will be open to offers and if you would like more details, then please contact me
Aoi Usage Broadband
Aoi Usage Dial Up
Ludovico Einaudi Broadband

Bluthner Upright Piano - Mahogany Sheraton case - Fully Restored!
Big Pictures & Video Link:

Rare Barless John Broadwood Upright Piano Pics & Vids!
Big Pictures & Video Link:
Bechstein Model 9 Upright - Previously Owned by a Young Concert Pianist who Studied at Yehudi Menuhin School !
Ebay Link: Bechstein Model 9 Upright Piano - Concert Pianist !!
Big Picture & Video Link:
John Broadwood 1930's Upright - For Sale by Auction on Ebay now!
Ebay Link: John Broadwood &Sons 1930s Upright Piano See & Hear !
Big Picture & Video Link:

Steck Pianola - Just Tuned & Fully Serviced - Very Good Condition!
Ebay Link: Steck Pianola - Music Rolls! 6 VIDEOS PLAYING-18 PICS !


Squire & Longson Upright Piano - Overstrung & Underdamped - Better Known Later as Welmar and Kemble
Ebay Link: 8Videos-Detailed Pictures-CLICK2VIEW This Upright Piano
Buy it Now for £595 or send me an offer:

Supertone Pianola - Amazing Item & Recently Restored - 44 Detailed Pictures & Windows Movie

Rud Ibach Sohn of Barmen, Germany - Beautiful and Recently Restored Upright Piano

Below is a selection of pianos from my collection that I have sold prior to 2007

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Stichel - Leipzig - 1902 - 1912

Full details of the old Ebay listing can be seen by using this link:


C Kemmler - Stuttgart - Germany

Full details of the old Ebay listing can be seen by using this link:


J & J Hopkinson 1921-1930


Gors & Kallmann 1909-1910


Steck 1935


John Broadwood & Sons - Baby Grand 1920-1930


John Broadwood & Sons - Baby Grand 1901


I'm always have plenty of work in progress and currently have the following pianos:

1892 Bechstein III - Very Genuine Ebonised Example

1905 Professional Ronisch Grand - Lots of work required, may be completed towards the end of this year?

Ronisch Highly Polished Ebonised Upright with Gold Detailing! - Excellent tone - Almost ready!

Knauss - Lovely Faded Cherry case